About Team

The Great War Team is a close-knit circle of like-minded people living in different countries and working together to create "Battle of Empires 1914-1918 ", ever since January 2010 .

The goal of our team is to create an authentic game which recreates main events of the First World War. The original team was formed on the Live.cnews.ru forum, later we were joined by developers from websites like Moddb [http://www.moddb.com/] and some others. The core of our team consists of five people from Russia , Ukraine and the EU, who created the content for the game - missions , maps and 3d models etc...

At the beginning of our BoE journey , none of the team members worked in the game industry , despite this fact, over the years we have become true professionals and developed a fantastic game together in BoE.

Since the spring of 2012 the development of the game has been overseen by Yulia Romanova - producer of external development at the BestWay company , creator of the original game Men Of War (MoW).