Steam summer sale 10% discount!

Only 11 days (from 11 to 22 June) during the great Steam summer sale, "Battle of Empires: 1914-1918" is sold with 10% discount!

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Update 1.419

  • Fixed sound bug with sudden decrease of sound volume in the dialogue and narrator. 
  • New cool and atmospheric backgrounds for Front-End interface. 
  • Added ammunition in the first stage of the mission “Adventure General Francois”, Russian campaign. 
  • Added a pointer to the task "Deliver captured mortar to the rear of" in mission "Burning Ice", Russian campaign.
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Special present for the Victory in Europe Day - FREE DLC

The 70 year anniversary of the victory over the Third Reich by the allied forces, is near. In honor of this momentous event, we decided to release a free DLC with a multiplayer mission "Battle for Berlin". In this mode you will be able to play either as a Red Army officer and assault the heart of the Third Reich or as a Wehrmacht commander, trying to hold back the Red Army offensive.


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